A Modified Algorithms for New Krasnoselskii's Type for Strongly Monotone and Lipschitz Mappings

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Furmose Mendy
John T Mendy


Let E be a 2 uniformly smooth and convex real Banach space and let a mapping A: E → E be lipschitz and strongly monotone such that A−1(0)≠∅. For an arbitrary ({x1}, {y1})∈E, we define the sequences {xn} and {yn} by
yn = xn − θnJ−1(Axn), n≥1
xn+1 = yn − λnJ−1(Ayn), n≥1
where λn and θn are positive real number and J is the duality mapping of E. Letting (λn, θn)∈(0, 1), then xn and yn converges strongly to ρ, a unique solution of the equation Ax = 0. We also applied our algorithm in convex minimization and also proved the convergence of it in Lp, lp or Wm,p. At the end we proposed the algorithm of it in Lp(Ω) and its inverse Lq(Ω).

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